Photography is so much more than simple equipment and empty technical talk about what brand of camera to shoot with or computer to use to edit! All this becomes irrelevant where there lacks creative ideas and perspective about the outcome.
Everything starts with an idea and the realisation is never better than the idea, the creative work and planning.
I like to get involved early in the process of an idea, as I believe it generates better end results to include every key player in the creative process from the early stages.

My client base includes: Arion bank, Íslandsbanki bank, Michelsen watchmaker, Unispace, Icealnd Postoffice, Hús & híbýli, Hvíta húsið ad acency, Arctic On Productions, Sæmundur Publisher, Reynir Bakari, Hotel Fosstún, Guesthouse Garún, Lífsspor, Pegasus, Republik, Search and Rescue Hafnarfjarðar, Isavia, ÍSÍ, Reitir and more…